Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm dobbing...

If you've been visiting this blog for a while now, or if you've been on a walk with me, then you will know I love finding things. I can't help picking things up and looking at them.

I love markets and garage sales but my favourite place to find things is in the wild. Down town, on the beach, at the grocery store... places where people accidental drop things.

Often it ends up just being a note or grocery list, a snapshot into someone else's life.

Here is a note I found yesterday:

That seems innocent enough, right? After all if you had a saw for a shoulder you'd want something else to do too, wouldn't you? Like cutting wood!

When I turned the note over I realised it was a practice run for a forged note... I remember doing that when I was a kid. Deceitful little teenagers...

Jake Simpson, if your out there, do my homework for me or I'm telling Mr. Roberts.


stef said...

i love finding things too. The other day a lady left an unsealed envelope at the register at work. She never came back for it so i looked to see what was inside. It had a 25 word story about something her baby boy had done recenty that was cute. I'm guessing it was meant for a competition or something. It made me smile though.

crystal.travel6 said...
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