Monday, November 15, 2010

Beginning to blog again / Moved content to Wordpress


I've had a good time away from the internet. Being away from it for a while now has helped me to focus on work and family, and on pursuing other projects and passions. It has allowed me to get a lot of exercising done as well as some major soul-searching.

Anyway, this busy and productive "me time" was very beneficial but I do feel now is the time to begin using the internet again. I've decided to get back into blogging a bit, and to start to use social-networking a little. However, as I am now fairly addicted to not using the internet I may not receive messages and comments etcetera very regularly as I do not intend to spend a lot of time at a computer. That said though I am looking forward to communicating in this way again.

I have moved my blog content to wordpress now so here is my address for my blog from now on - Please update your bookmarks, subscriptions and RSS feeds accordingly because this is perhaps my last post on Blogger.

This was a difficult decision because Blogspot has been a good site for my blog up until this point. I did a little research and decided that WordPress was the site that most met my needs at the moment. Thanks to BlogSpot for all the years of blogging for free. It has given me space to talk about so much, and at last count this blog had over 150,000 words and at one stage had between 100 and 600 visits a day. Blogspot has been a nifty tool and allowed me to publish what I want whenever I want online, so Blogspot is be congratulated on a good service and thanked.

Please take note, even though I am going to leave this site up for record, this is my last blog entry on this site. Please enjoy the new blog.

My new blog is here at this address: here.
My twitter is: here
If you have enjoyed this blog over the years, you may enjoy the book I have compiled. Volume one is a collection of short poems I have published here before. I intend for more volumes later. You can find out more about that book (or purchase it) here: LINK

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